For Certificate holders:

  • They acquire methodological, communicative, social and personal development knowledge and skills corresponding to the requirements of their position in the rural advisory sector
  • They gain experience with a strong practical orientation through participant-centred seminar work, and with extensive documentation of and reflection on advisory, educational and project work
  • They learn how to independently plan, execute, document, reflect on and evaluate individual and group advisory sessions, educational events, and projects
  • They reflect on their professional activity in their various advisory roles as well as on their personal profile, and continue to evolve in both
  • They get to know like-minded colleagues as well as different advisory and educational bodies in other countries, and forge links with a functional cross-border network
  • They earn a certificate providing cross-border confirmation of the relevant advisory skills according to IALB standards (modules attended, associated requirements, capacity for reflection, ‘thinking outside of the box’

For employers:

  • Strengthening of the personal and methodological skills of the advisor enhances the efficacy/effectiveness of rural extension
  • Employers have staff with broader horizons
  • Employers are able inter alia to provide evidence to clients, supervisory authorities or funders that they are using qualified staff
  • An internationally impartial certificate issued by a public authority makes a stronger impression on the client
  • Additional skills have the potential to reduce stress for consultants
  • Positive image for the advisory organization

For educational institutions:

  • The cooperation of the participating educational institutions enables complementary course provision and standardization of the modules
  • The strengths and specializations of different institutions can be leveraged
  • The cross-border, networked qualification of advisors leads to a comprehensive course provision that far exceeds the capabilities of a single training provider