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The Organisation

CECRA’s owner is the IALB, which decides on organizational and development issues on the modular training program.

CECRA Working Group

The IALB appoints a CECRA Working Group for the operational implementation. CECRA Working Group is composed of (i) representatives of the Regional Certification Bodies in the German-speaking countries, (ii) the head of EUFRAS CECRA-WG and (iii) a chairperson from a Regional Certification Body of other European countries. The implementation and development of CECRA is monitored by the appointed CECRA-WG. The Members of the Working Group are nominated by the Regional Certification Bodies themselves and communicated to the IALB board, and elect a Chairperson in each case. This regulation applies also to EUFRAS.

Cooperation partners

The IALB concludes cooperation agreements with partners for the professional and organisational implementation. Generally speaking, the cooperation partners are Regional Certification bodies, and may also be Module Providers. They delegate experts to the CECRA working group as required. EUFRAS (European Forum for Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services) organises and coordinates the CECRA program in the non-German speaking countries. The collaboration on contents and structure of CECRA program between IALB and EUFRAS as well as the user agreement for the product „CECRA“ is governed by its own cooperation agreement.

Regional certification bodies

The Regional Certification bodies advise potential Certificate holders and consider Certificate applications. As a rule, they are also Module Providers. Accredited institutions/ enterprises are further providers of modules.

In our guidelines you can find more information about our Organisation and their tasks.